Palace autumn 2018
Juergen Teller & Palace skateboards

London based company Palace is back with a new lookbook for the upcoming Autumn 2018 collection. Legendary photographer Juergen Teller shot the Palace Autumn 2018 lookbook in a exentric way as always. The lookbook features the brand founder Lev Tanj, Rory Milanes, and skateboarding stars like the iconic Blondey McCoy, Lucien Clarke and Rory Milanes.

The latest seasonal release from the label covers everything in a cool design, from track jackets to blue snake print loafers. The collection features some highlighted items, the blue camp collar shirt decorated with a fish for instance. There are a few interesting jackets, with the one covered in a Chinese vintage poster being a must-have. The collection also includes polo shirts, outwear and a selection of graphic T-shirts.

So what do you think of the Autumn collection? Let us know in the comments!

Where? Palace web store / London and New York stores
When? August 10, 2018 and one day later in Japan

Palace Autumn 2018 Lookbook

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