Supreme drop list May 2, 2019 (week 10). Japanese artist Sekintani La Norihiro was born in Osaka in 1979.

His hyper-colorful collages often feature distorted elements of the human body. Sekintani’s work is grotesque, yet psychedelic. “I use pictures of bowels because they have such beautiful colors,” Sekintani has stated. “My artwork doesn’t mean anything more than how it looks.” This unique perspective has earned Sekintani fans across the world, particularly in Europe, where the artist has been exhibiting underground works for nearly 20 years.

This Spring, Supreme has worked on a collection featuring Sekintani’s collages. The collection consists of a Coaches Jacket, Work Shirt, long-sleeve Top, short-sleeve Top, Skate Pant, three T-Shirts and a Skateboard. Check out the partial drop list down below!

Where? Supreme’s online webshop and in stores.
When? 11:00 AM London / 12:00 PM Amsterdam / May 3 11:00 AM Japan

Supreme drop list May 2 including prices

In case you missed it, check out the full drop list for April 25 here!

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