Supreme drop list May 16, 2019 (week 12). This week the supreme drop will contain a few random items and some clothing perfect for the summer.

A cool summer item for instance is the Supreme Playboy short and the waterproof Gore-Tex Court jacket that will keep you warm all night. There are also a few accessories namely caps and 24K gold plated keychain. The most random item of the drop is for sure the Pool Cue kit. Last but not least the drop contains some sweaters, pants en T-shirts. What are you going to cop?

Where? Supreme’s online webshop and in stores.
When? 11:00 AM London / 12:00 PM Amsterdam / May 17 11:00 AM Japan

Supreme drop list May 16 including prices

In case you missed it, check out the full drop list for May 9 here!

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